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Reusable WPC cake fork

We have designed a modern cake fork – made of wood-polymer composite (WPC) well known to our customers – especially for cafes and restaurants.

Cutlery made of this material is durable, high-temperature resistant and is an attractive alternative to classic wooden cutlery.

This small and very handy fork has practical teeth that make cutting cake easier. Our reusable cutlery from the WPC line is suitable not only for professional catering establishments, but also a great option for home celebrations and outdoor receptions.


Reusable WPC ice cream spoon

New member in our family of wood-polymer composite (WPC) products.
Very durable and heat resistant, reusable ice cream spoons with an ergonomic shape and a modern look.

They are perfect for home use, as well as, for small local bistros, pastry shops and ice cream parlors or at large events and picnics.


Round containers Ø 115

Round containers with a diameter of 115 mm made of heat-resistant polypropylene are available in volumes of 250, 350, 450 and 500 ml.

This extremely popular range of food containers is available in 2 colour options: black and transparent. Our new containers designed for sealing can also be closed with a tight lid, making them perfect for transporting all types of food.

okrągły pojemnik z pokrywką


Ribbed 187 x 137 containers

The ribbed version is an economical alternative to the popular smooth 187 x 137 containers from our offer.

The containers have wide rims, which allows for quick and tight sealing with foil. The grooved structure of the walls ensures the rigidity of these gastronomic containers without compromising their relatively low weight. The ribbed containers designed for thermo sealing are perfect for storing and transporting ready meals and delicatessen products. This kind of food packaging is a proposal for smaller and larger producers of processed or raw food, e.g. meat.

wysokie pojemniki plastikowe


Reusable polystyrene cutlery

This solid and durable reusable cutlery is made of plastic. The modern-shape forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons from our offer are available in white, black and transparent.

The tests have proven that this reusable cutlery can withstand over 125 washing and drying cycles without losing their properties.

sztućce plastikowe


Reusable PP plates and bowls

These reusable plates with a diameter of 220 mm and reusable bowls in volumes of 350, 500 and 600 ml have been designed to extend the life cycle of all products offered by our company. These dishes, which were recognised by regular customers, have a new shape.

The bowls and plates are reusable due to the use of polypropylene, resistant to high temperatures, and their appropriate weight. The reusability of all our products has been confirmed by accredited research laboratory.

miska i talerz plastikowy


Reusable WPC cutlery

Reusable cutlery made of WPC (wood-polymer composite) has been in our offer since 2019 and invariably enjoys the interest of our customers. In 2021, we decided to expand the range of reusable cutlery by introducing a new WPC material in production.

The new, darker version contains deciduous wood, which affects the final shade of the product. The reusable dark brown WPC cutlery is just as safe and durable as its lighter version. All our products undergo regular laboratory and strength tests.


Round containers Ø 125

The round containers with a diameter of 125 mm with a lid are a modern solution for the transport and storage of food. This gastronomic packaging made of polypropylene ensures high tightness thanks to a perfectly matched lid. Durable and convenient to use, the container is suitable for any liquid and hot food.

We offer food containers in volumes of 350 and 500 ml, and the lids that fit both volumes are sold separately.

pojemnik plastikowy na zupę


Reusable WPC plates

Reusable WPC plates are oval trays made of wood-polymer composite. The WPC plates not only have an elegant shape and an interesting material structure, but they are also durable and can be used many times thanks to the innovative combination of wood fibres and polypropylene.

The reusable WPC plates can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher, which was confirmed by tests carried out in an accredited research laboratory. Together with the WPC cutlery, the reusable WPC plates make up a complete tableware set for birthdays, barbecues and other parties.

talerz wielorazowy
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