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Reusable cutlery

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Reusable cutlery

Cutlery is made of WPC material – wood-polymer composite. Tests made in an independent laboratory showed that after 125 times of washing, rinsing and drying, the cutlery did not lose its properties.

It follows from the assumptions of Directive (EU) 2019/904 that products with proven reusability will be allowed to be placed on the market after its entry into force.

Comprehensive offer

At Bittner, we are focused on a comprehensive offer, where you can find different sizes of forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons. You can order complete sets of reusable cutlery or just select those you prefer. You can always adjust the order to your current needs and the specifics of your business.

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The Bittner company is a long-term and experienced manufacturer of reusable cutlery. Modern production technology and carefully selected materials help our products successfully withstand long-term use. They are perfect for take-aways, healthy food catering, ready meals at groceries, picnics or meals at work. Thanks to their versatility, we have been cooperating with the most demanding customers on the market for years.

Compliance with Directive 2019/904 EU

The regulations on disposable products are tightened year by year. The Bittner company has already scrupulously developed a range of reusable cutlery and other products that will meet the principles of the Directive and comply with the regulations that will come into force in the coming months. By buying our cutlery, you can get prepared for changes right now to prove your commitment to improving the environment to your customers. Conscious consumers pay attention to this.

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We sell our products to:

  • restaurants,
  • catering companies,
  • companies offering healthy meal boxes,
  • food producers,
  • organisers of summer camps and group holidays,
  • educational institutions,
  • hospitals,
  • and many others.
opakowanie i sztućce

Individual approach

Our focus is on full professionalism and an individual approach to each client. We always start by recognising your needs in detail in order to prepare an offer that meets your expectations.

Feel free to contact us

If you are looking for proven reusable cutlery and disposable food packaging, please contact our team. Bittner’s products meet the highest safety and hygiene standards in food transport. They are available at attractive prices and with short delivery times. Contact us and share your expectations with us.

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